According to Payal Kothari, Integrative Nutritionist & Gut Health Coach, “All diseases begin in the second brain aka the Gut.”

"A dysbiosis (microbiome imbalance) in the Gut can lead to a leaky Gut, weight gain, inflammation, migraine, acidity and possibly cancer; in some cases.

Kefir Culture is a super probiotic fluid, which can literally transform your Gut health overnight. I consistently consume Kefir to make my Gut feel happy. To keep illnesses at bay in the long run and achieve a state of symbiosis (balance), I recommend everyone to consume Kefir Culture and experience its immense Gut benefits.

As a Gut Health Coach, I couldn’t emphasize more on the importance of mental and physical wellness and how depression and anxiety are plaguing the world at an alarming pace. Nourish your body and feel energetic with this superfluid!"

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"I have never enjoyed consuming probiotics ever since I was a kid. Buttermilk, flavoured curd and lassi make me throw up. However, I love milk and milk based drinks. Post workout, my body always craves for some healthy drink like a smoothie or juice. I always opt for a drink which isn’t loaded with sugar and is healthy. Protein shakes wouldn’t make me feel full or revitalise my muscles. After reading the benefits of Kefir Culture, I decided to give it a shot since a bottle of Kefir Culture provides up to 16% of your daily protein intake and consists less than 3% carbs. Proteins is exactly what my body needs for nourishment after working out.

I tried the strawberry flavoured Kefir Culture after my workout and I felt super revitalised after an intense workout. My cells felt nourished. I continued having Kefir Culture for a week and my skin allergies were under control. I had fallen for this probiotic drink.

In fact, I might be one of the few consumers who enjoys the Natural Kefir Culture more as opposed to the flavoured ones. So, from hating probiotics to falling in love with Kefir Culture and seeing actual results on my body has been quite a delight. I urge everyone reading this review to try the drink at least thrice and observe how your body responds. Maybe even you will start loving probiotics!"



"I first heard about Kefir Culture when I received the products packed in a beautiful hamper (the packaging of which I still use at home). I heard about the drink previously when I was extensively studying probiotics but had not tried a locally manufactured product until I received the package. To my delight, the products with deliciously sour, creamy and fizzy – just one bottle in the morning and I was full all the way until lunch. I found that it curbed my hunger for a longer periods of time while also providing digestive aid in the next few meals that I consumed. I now recommend it to several clients that are trying to lose weight along with those who suffer from any gut related issues and the results have been absolutely marvellous."