About Us

What we believe in

At Kefir Culture, we believe in ‘keyif’, or the good feeling one gets after consuming kefir. This mysterious, magical milk has been known as ‘The Champagne of Dairy’, and with good reason. Kefir truly is a one-stop probiotic solution for all your gut-related issues; this feel-good beverage is tart and tangy, cleanses the intestines and boosts immune functions. Kefir is a healthy addition to any diet!

Hailing from a rich Turkish heritage, it is historically known as the beverage from the gods. This heavenly smoothie has travelled all the way from the Caucasus Mountains, and is now available online and at your favourite local superstore!


Who we are

foundersThe artists behind Kefir Culture, Ricky and Aakanksha, go back a long way and have known each other since school. This story, at its heart, is really about a shared love for food and how it has brought the two entrepreneurs together to create a drink known as the 'Champagne of Dairy'.

Ricky, initially studying to be a lawyer, followed his ‘gut’ and launched a few restaurants instead. He and his partners have successfully run ‘The Spare Kitchen’ across multiple locations in Mumbai. During his explorations, he stumbled upon kefir and became instantly obsessed with the product due to its multiple benefits and unique taste. A known proponent of kefir among friends, he then decided to create his own brand of kefir.

Aakanksha, with a decade of Advertising & Marketing experience and a self-proclaimed baker-at-heart, was the ideal fit for Kefir Culture and Ricky.