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Benefits of Drinking Kefir


Benefits of Drinking Kefir

Blog by Payal Kothari, Integrative Nutritionist & Gut Health Coach

Kefir is a rage in the natural health community. It’s an ancient Turkish grain that has made a solid comeback in the wellness world. It is made by fermenting kefir grains in milk. This fermentation and culture provides our body with billions of beneficial live bacteria and yeast produced by the lactobacillus bacteria and many such bacterial strains. Each bacteria has hundreds of cells that interact with the neurons and help communication with the brain and many systems of the human body.


Fermented and cultured foods provide our bodies innumerable gut bacteria, medically called – ‘Microbiome’ which regulates your immune system, your hormones as well as the functioning of your brain. It helps heal the gut and indirectly heal your body. It’s an effective safe product to consume to build your gut flora or microbiome.


Here are five benefits of Kefir :


  1. Helps improve digestion - It helps with digestive issues like acidity, acid reflux, IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome. From our mouth to the rectum is the Enteric Nervous System, which is in charge of bidirectional communication with the brain. These microbes help in the same. Kefir helps to multiply them allowing optimal digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination. Try drinking kefir in smaller quantities to experience a difference.


  1. Rich in vitamin K2 - The fermentation process, helps produce vitamin K2. Having optimal levels of K2 helps prevent chronic illnesses like strokes and cancer.


  1. Balances the immune system - The gut has a very thin barrier that stops food particles, viruses and toxins from entering the blood stream beyond the digestive system. If that barrier becomes permeable, it is dangerous for our immune system, which may lead to our body getting attacked by dangerous viruses causing autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and many more physical and mental illnesses.


  1. Helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure - Kefiran, a unique digestive sugar produced by the kefir grain helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure problems to an extent.


  1. Far better than any other energy drink or carbonated, aerated drink – Most of these drinks are loaded with sugar, soda,  carbonate, pesticides and acidity regulators which do more harm than any good. Kefir is free from all these gut damaging ingredients. It has a short and sweet shelf life, delicious to have with loads of health benefits.
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